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“. . . meeting needs through dedicated people who are committed to total quality and care.”

Fort Worth Surveying prides itself in its experience and responsibilities for scheduling, production, coordination and quality control/assurance of individual projects. We have a key point of contact working directly with each of the client’s project representative. This allows the client to have one source of contact at Fort Worth Surveying who has control, knowledge, and authority on the project. Our focus is to provide services that will satisfy the specific needs of each individual client.

All surveys will comply with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying “Professional Land Surveying Practices Act” and “General Rules and Procedures and Practices.” Click for more information.


Here is a list of services that Fort Worth Surveying provides:


The purpose of a boundary survey is to determine the exact scope and task required. This may range from retracement of a hundred year old patent granted by the state to surveying a recently recorded subdivision area.

Minimum task include abstracting and research of past and present property records, adjoined property research, and thorough inspection and search for historical property monuments. We develop abstracts of each property our firm surveys. Our surveying field crews, under the direction of the RPLS, conduct on-the-ground surveying of the property features. A surveying map is then prepared utilizing the data from the abstract and the on-the-ground survey.

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We provide topographic surveying, indicating the grade, slope and terrain features of the project for land platting, engineering and design purposes. We use several methods to prepare topographic surveys including:

  • Grid Topography
  • Total Station and Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
  • GPS
  • Aerial Topography

Each method provides particular benefits and advantages for certain projects. Prior to commencing a topographic survey, accuracy requirements and property characteristics are considered to determine which surveying method would be best.

Our total station and GPS units are input devices for our CADD systems, enabling direct digital mapping of topographic surveys and computer analysis of contours, slopes and quantities.


We use state-of-the-art Leica Geosystems equipment, providing the means to perform surveying with the latest technology. Using Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying techniques, centimeter level (0.03 ft.) x,y,z accuracies. Points and attributes are collected and staked out in real time with post processing.


Fort Worth Surveying provides and specializes in construction layout for various facilities and utilities including:

  • Master planned communities
  • Commercial, office and industrial buildings
  • Multi-story and high-rise buildings
  • Bridges, highways, roads
  • Parking structures
  • Parking lots
  • Airports
  • Water, sewer, storm, electrical, cable, gas, electric

Construction layout is supervised by a RPLS. Field crews are responsible for layout, recording field activities, verifying daily logs for accuracy and assuring construction layout conforms to construction plans. Transfer of data to and from the surveying instruments from construction plans is essential for quality control and assurance.


Fort Worth Surveying offers surveying services to oil and gas companies. We prepare Preliminary and Final Plats, Land Use Plats, Designation of Unit Plats, Asdrilled Plats, and City Permit Plats needed to secure permits for the drilling of the wells. These plats are submitted to the Texas Railroad Commission, Counties, and Cities to obtain the permits. Research for the units of property within the leases and deeds are done.. Office functions include deed research, preparation of easement descriptions and exhibits and utility research.